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CLex-Supes Fic

OK, you know how people say "LJ user: so and so gave me this great prompt/plot bunny/etc for this fic"?

Well, I am humbly requesting input for my uber-work I want to do. Just consider this one huge free-for-all challenge with you all telling me stuff you'd like to see.

What am I writing? Well, nothing, much:

only just what we all wish SV had really done with Clark and Lex after Shattered/Asylum.

In other words--

* Thrill to the Requited CLex! [Even if you don't 'CLex', you've gotta have ideas about the rest of their story!]
* Roll Your Eyes 'About Time', as Clark differentiates himself from Pa Kent's bigotry!
* Chill to the "Will he?/Won't he?" of Lex's turn to the Dark Side!
* Wonder at the tenor of Lex's Dark Side: is it really a Hero's Role a la Sageet?
* Muse at how Clark/Supes might need a counter-balance such as Lex!
* Gasp at the dastardly intrusion of The MB's plans (regarding Clark) into this already-maxed-out dynamic!

==>Hair-Raising Adventures are coming your way (and I'd love to get 'A Little Help From My Friends')!

This is so big and involves so much of our hopes! We all have put so much heart and thought into how SV 'should have gone', I would love to make my contribution to satisfying a wonderful vision of what we know could have happened. Yes, I've been making my own notes, but I see now this is 'bigger than myself' -- and I think I like that.

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