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Apologies for not responding to the 'i want to join' comments. we didn't expect so many and so soon.

so slodwick and i have been trying to explain this 'verse to people because, honestly, it's not really about deep analytical thought. we're doing a straight switch across the board: lex luthor is the alien who came to earth and was raised by kindly farmers, lionel and lillian. clark kent is the heir to kentcorp, run by his ruthless father, jonathan, but they both still miss deceased martha. and in the future, lex is superman, and clark runs kentcorp. it doesn't make much sense, but this is how i'm describing it to people:

imagine clark as played by michael rosenbaum - that's our lex. imagine what john schneider would bring to the role of lionel luthor, or john glover to jonathan kent. except this time 'round, jonathan kent is evil, and lionel's out on the farm. imagine a bald tom welling. that's our world, people.

now, honestly, slod and i are total saps, so we really just want to write the boys all happy together, post the college era rift we engineered into their past. but, damn, bald!clark makes me want evil!clark. and god knows, i can't write evil!clark, but someone out there must be able to tackle it. so, we're opening this 'verse to the rest of fandom. if you want to write a story (or manip a bald!clark) for the_phonebooth, comment on this post. the community will remain closed, but we will add everyone who asks. all our cursory ideas will be in the community bio (when i get it written up), but the rest is up to you. just remember to play nice, and respect your fellow boother's canon.

ETA: even if you've already asked, please comment on this post so we can have everyone in one spot.
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