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Apologies for not responding to the 'i want to join' comments. we didn't expect so many and so soon.

so slodwick and i have been trying to explain this 'verse to people because, honestly, it's not really about deep analytical thought. we're doing a straight switch across the board: lex luthor is the alien who came to earth and was raised by kindly farmers, lionel and lillian. clark kent is the heir to kentcorp, run by his ruthless father, jonathan, but they both still miss deceased martha. and in the future, lex is superman, and clark runs kentcorp. it doesn't make much sense, but this is how i'm describing it to people:

imagine clark as played by michael rosenbaum - that's our lex. imagine what john schneider would bring to the role of lionel luthor, or john glover to jonathan kent. except this time 'round, jonathan kent is evil, and lionel's out on the farm. imagine a bald tom welling. that's our world, people.

now, honestly, slod and i are total saps, so we really just want to write the boys all happy together, post the college era rift we engineered into their past. but, damn, bald!clark makes me want evil!clark. and god knows, i can't write evil!clark, but someone out there must be able to tackle it. so, we're opening this 'verse to the rest of fandom. if you want to write a story (or manip a bald!clark) for the_phonebooth, comment on this post. the community will remain closed, but we will add everyone who asks. all our cursory ideas will be in the community bio (when i get it written up), but the rest is up to you. just remember to play nice, and respect your fellow boother's canon.

ETA: even if you've already asked, please comment on this post so we can have everyone in one spot.
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Please add me.
I still want in. The concept is irresistably intriguing, whatever the details of its eventual execution turn out to be.

But. I am somewhat confused.

imagine clark as played by michael rosenbaum - that's our lex. john glover as jonathan kent. john schneider as lionel luthor. imagine a bald tom welling.

So... let me see if I'm following. Cast list:

Lex Luthor, last son of Krypton, crashed to Kansas and raised by kindly farmers Lionel and Lillian Luthor to use his otherworldly powers only for good. Played by Michael Rosenbaum, with hair.

Clark Kent, heir to the KentCorp business empire, exiled to Smallville by his evil daddy Jonathan Kent, where he begins an unlikely friendship with Lex. Played by an eerily bald-pated Tom Welling.

Lionel Luthor, earthy organic farmer, took in orphaned alien Lex and raised him as his own when wife Lillian couldn't conceive. Played (and here's where Jack gets confused) by John 'Bo Duke' Schneider?

Jonathan Kent, corporate warlord, rules Metropolis like his personal fiefdom, Smallville like the spoils of war and his son like... well, we all know where I'd go with that. Played (to my further confusion) by John 'unruly tresses' Glover?

Martha Kent, Jonathan's wife and Clark's mother, dead lo these ten years, since Clark was a wee bald munchkin of 13.

Lillian Luthor, daughter of Metropolis who gave up her family's business-world dreams to be a farmer's wife. Played by... Annette O'Toole?

I thought it'd be much funnier to have Schneider be evil-corporate-daddy, and Glover upright-farmer, but maybe I was just... confused.

MR's prettier with hair, any way you slice it. Mmm. Just Super.
ok, i can see where you're getting confused. our john kent is played by john schneider, as if he were playing lionel luthor. that's what i was trying to say.

annette o'toole is still martha; we cast someone for lillian, and slod will have that up soon.
Oh, goody! That's how I thought it was going to go. Hence my great excitement over Jonathan's platitude-laden lectures on How To Be an Evil Corporate Raider, and Lionel's frequent allusions to pastoral myth in steering Lex to the moral road.
I'd like to join please.

So right now I'm imagining a Kent Empire spanning the entire length of America, and the entirely convoluted backstory of Jonathan Kent and the animosity he has with Martha's powerful father. Shades of canon Luther rivalry a generation earlier? And now not only does Clark Kent have to deal with Jonathan, he needs also deal with dear old Grandpappy Clark. (What was his first name again?) Oooh, the mess I can make. Sign me up! :)
I want to join.
The concept is just too good to miss!!!
There is a new site for Lillian lovers. There are a few AU pieces as well.
I'm not sure if this community is still active or even if anyone will be reading this post, but I would like to join and try my hand at this AU. I'll probably email one of the moderators later.
yeah, we're kinda doing other things now, but i've made it an open community for people still interested. feel free to have at it.